With winter just around the corner, we know it can be difficult finding you next jacket. You want something that will keep you warm, but not make you look like a big puff ball and something that is more fashionably.. Am I right ?

This winter puffer jackets are super on trend and cute. Don't sacrifice your warmth this season, just to make a fashion statement. Make your puffer jacket PART of your fashion statement! They are slim looking and come in multiple colors. As for our puffer jacket, it is super light weight, and currently comes in Red and camel. The collar pouts out and the waist comes with an adjustable tie to cinch in your waist.
This make is customizable to your own personal taste. How can you go wrong with that? Don't miss out on this adorable trend this year. 

Red Puffer Jacket: https://voltageboutique.myshopify.com/cart/31387319894096:1?channel=buy_button
Camel Puffer Jacket: https://voltageboutique.myshopify.com/cart/31387317829712:1?channel=buy_button


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